All American Swimming Camp Testimonials

We serve programs all over the country and we are thankful that we have customers who love our service. We would be glad to discuss options for your program. Bring some of the best swimming coaches in the country right to your pool deck. In the meantime please feel free to check out our FAQs section for more to answer any questions you might have.

See what some of those programs are saying about their All American experience.


Kathy and Tracey were wonderful–everyone was so IMPRESSED with them and everything they did. I am still hearing good things. I am sure we will want to continue this program next year!!!

Christi Stankovich
Club President
Wa-Nee Waves Swim Club
Nappanee, IN

The camp was a valuable experience for my swimmers. It was fun and educational! The coaches were top notch

Marnie Hallett-Szymanski
Head Coach
Margaretta HS
Castalia, OH


We, the NACS (Northwest Aquatic Club Swimming) Swim Team, absolutely loved your All-American Swim Camp that we hosted here at our facility in June 2014. The coaches that came did an excellent job of covering many topics, from the very basics up thru some more technical aspects of each stroke, including starts & turns. I really liked the way they started from the basics of body position and control & movement and built that into each stroke’s mechanics. The coaches did a nice job of explaining and relating to various age groups. Our coaches enjoyed being able to observe and interact with the camp coaches you provided and they are continuing to utilize some of the drills from the camp. I appreciated your willingness to customize your camp to meet the needs of what I was looking to provide for my swimmers. We will definitely schedule bringing your camp back next Summer and I would highly recommend this camp to other clubs/coaches.

John Gibson
Head/Senior Coach
NACS (Northwest Aquatic Club Swimming)
Senior Chair of Indiana Swimming
Fort Wayne, IN

Thank you for all you did so we could have All American in Bedford. It has made such an impact on those who attended. I hope to hold a camp again next summer. I have already talked to the Y about it.
LuAnn Bauer
Head Coach
Bedford High School
Bedford, MI
In August 2014 we hosted a swim camp at Timberline High School in Lacey WA, All American Swimming sent Oregon State Head Coach Mary Ann Gepzenich-Liebowitz and Assistant Coach (and husband) Larry. Their extraordinary expertise, methodology, understanding and zeal about swimming and people was most welcome by the athletes and the coaches (though Washington State WIAA rules do not allow coaches to participate in the camp). We had to get feedback from our swimmers at the end of the camp and in dinner we shared with them. Each participant shared about much they had gained from the camp not just in their swimming but also in the atmosphere, the inspiration, the direction they received on a personal level. The Swim Camp was all about swimming but was also so much more, we certainly hope to continue these camps in the future.
Marie Ratcliff
Head Coach
Timberline High School, Lacey WA

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